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OTP Shipping

OTP Shipping
Shipping ♥

Pick your top ten ships without reading the questions. (In no particular order.)

 1. Caroline + Klaus (The Vampire Diaries)

 2. Michael and Maria (Roswell)

 3. Brooke and Lucas (One Tree Hill)

 4. Barney and Robin (How i met your mother)

 5. Spike and Buffy ( Buffy the vampire Slayer)

 6. Cordelia and Angel ( Angel)

 7. Charolette and Cooper (Private Practive)

 8.  Naomi and Liam (90210))

 9.  Alex and Izzie (Grey's Anatomy)

 10. Veronica and Logan (Veronica Mars)

1) Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 6?

I think it would have been about season 2 in Angel. because well Angel always belonged with Buffy in Buffy the tv show. It would have been about season 2. More than likely 2x19 Belonging. Because well you could see Angel had feelings for her. And i think it had been brewing for a few episodes and everything. But that whole storyline just.... showed it.

2) Have you ever read a FanFiction about 2?

Actually i have read Michael and Maria fan fiction. Years ago.....

3) Has a picture of 4 ever been your screen saver/profile picture/tumblr avatar?

No.... i;'m not that much in love with them./ i love them together. But only on the tv show. LOL

4) If 7 were to suddenly break up today, what would your reaction be?

I would be like WHAT! because they are married and have a child together at the moment. They sort of even each other out. I love them together. They just work.

5) Why is 3 so important?

Brooke and Lucas.... i mean come on. They have so much connection. And it was sad that they got together then broke up because well Chad Michael Murrary married Sophia bush then cheated on her. I mean seriously? How could you cheat on her with Paris Hilton. Anyway... off topic. Brooke and Lucas were Epic. He broke her heart, but he made her better. She believed in herself because he believed in her. She wanted to be better for Lucas. And Lucas was fun with her. And they just worked. Brooke didn;'t forget her friends when she was with him. And she wasn't annoying when she was with him. They were just.... dramatic but fun.

6) Is 9 a funny ship or a serious ship?

Alex and Izzie were serious... i mean a dating and cheating to hook ups and all inbetween working together. And then getting married and then she runs off. Totally serious stuff. But epic.

7) Out of all of your ships listed, which ship has the most chemistry?

Oh thats a tough one. I don't know. I mean Brooke and lucas just stole every scene together. But i love Caroline and Klaus, even if anything has yet to happen between them. She just works with everyone. Caroline has chemistry with everyone. So i might say Caroline and Klaus.

8) Out of all of the ships, which ship has the strongest bond?

Barney and Robin, they are just... each a part of the other. When the writers starting writing these two i don't think they realised the bond these two have, until they saw it. I mean. They are so connected to each other. And i think they both need each other in their lives.

9) How many times have you read/watched 10’s fandom?

I love Veronica Mars. I only have Season 1 on dvd and that was hard enough to get with where i live.

10) Which ship has lasted the longest?

I say that Charolette and copper have lasted the longest. They just.... well they are charolette and cooper.

11) How many times, if ever, has 6 broken up?

Angel and Cordelia never really got together.... So they could never really broke up. They all wanted to get together. but stuff kept getting in the way. Like.... death and sons and stuff.

12) If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive, 2 or 8?

Michael and Maria. Because well Michael is an alien and well he would totally protect Maria. Naomi and Liam would more than likely run. Naomi would become Zombie food.

13) Did 7 ever have to hide their relationship for any reason?

Yes because they were in different practices and the fact that everyone hated Charolette because she was mean and not warm. So Cooper's coworkers and best friend would not approve of Charolette. And then there was the fact that Charolette didn't want people knowing.

14) Is 4 still together?

Seee thats a trick question. Because they did a flashforward where they are married or gettting mairred. But they aren't together in the present...... so i don't know. it's compilicated with Barney and Robin

15) Is 10 canon?

Yes Totally...

16) If all ten ships were put into a couple’s Hunger Games, which couple would win?

Oooo see we have vampires in this list and a vampire slayer.... And Aliens. I mean seriously.... how can i pick. And Veronica Mars. I mean i know Naomi and Liam would be the first to die, Alex and Izzie, as well as Charolette and Cooper. Brooke and Lucas would die. Buffy and Angel couldn't kill each other so someone else would kill them. So they are out.... And i'm sure Veronica and Logan would be killed. No matter how smart Veronica is. She isn'#t really strong. But her and Logan might be up against Caroline and Klaus. So i think Caroline and Klaus would win.

17) Has anybody ever tried to sabotage 5’s ship?

Buffy and Spike.... does Spike and Buffy count. LOL I don't know... I mean. Angel maybe. And Xander. But this pariring is sort of... welll. doomed sometimes. The First tried to stop them.

18) Which ship would you defend to the death and beyond?

Brooke and Lucas. I totally feel that Lucas was ,meant to be with Brooke. and that years later they will get together and just be together. Brooke and Lucas are a love story that survives.

19) Do you spend hours a day going through 3’s tumblr page?


20) If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you that you had to pick one of the ten ships to break up forever or else she’d break them all up forever, which ship would you sink?

Oh No thats hard... I love them all. Cordelia and Angel.... i guess cause Angel can never really have sex. and then there is the fact that well... they never really had a go at a relationship so i say them.




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